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Meet Your Seamstress

Mandy Schulte

At Brides N’ Belles we have our own in-house seamstress available. Mandy works independently at our store.  At this time she only does fittings and tailoring on garments that we have sold.  All fittings are done by appointment only.


 Please schedule in a timely manner.


Please be aware that nearly every dress ordered through our designers will need some degree of alteration whether it be as minor as adding cups, or as in depth as size changes.  Each dress line has their own sizing chart, proportions, and lengths.


Measurements are based off of three main points, the bust, waist, and hips. Unless you fit perfectly in a size and all three match exactly, we do suggest ordering for the largest area. Reason being is that it is always easier to take in a dress than to let it out.  If you have any questions please ask your consultant.


Alterations offered on Bridal, Purchase Suits & Mothers Gowns purchased at Brides N' Belles

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